Causes of Environmental Degradation
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What Are The Causes Of Environmental Degradation

There are numerous causes of environmental degradation that can be defined as a threat to which the entire world is exposed. This is generally known as pollution. The term pollution usually resonated with contaminated air, water, soil and unhygienic and dirty residing areas. Such conditions harm not only the human and animal health but also destroy the habitat of other living beings all the while damaging the natural world.

Causes of environmental degradation can be either induced by man or may be natural.

Causes of Environmental Degradation

Pollution Induced By Man

Modern environmental pollution is the end result of man’s unusual treatment of nature. With the sluggish improvement of technology, there was a developing tendency to modify and regulate the natural world by man. The use of the natural world from the consumer’s angle is the main reason of environmental pollution.

Around 1970 a brand new discipline referred to as environmental ethics emerged suggesting that the environment wherein we live and interact was going through a crucial crisis. Most of these followed the industrial Revolution and rapid urbanization changing the man and nature relationship.

Biogenic Pollution

The pollution that is caused by the natural sources are known as biogenic pollution. Dust is one of the most common natural pollutant which is hard to avoid. Dust is the result of weathering due to wind flow. When the wind blows from the areas that have low vegetation it creates a haze that lowers the visibility. Air and water pollution are the result of dust storms.

Radon gas emitted from radioactive decay which takes place in the crust of the earth, causes excessive air pollution and is a prime reason of asthma and asphyxia.

Plants like Parthenium Hysterophorus, are a terrific danger to the surroundings, and a major cause of air pollution. The pollen grains of this plant drift in the air and cause allergies, dermatitis, besides stunting the growth of plants like Tomato, Chilli and Eggplant.

Top 5 Causes Of Environmental Degradation


With the flip of the century there is a surge to residing in city areas. This has resulted in rapid deforestation everywhere in the world. The demand for extra space to offer housing accommodation, to build roads and railways, to harness forest assets, to clear land for pasture and mechanized farming. The increased demand for wood being used for timber and for numerous other reasons also is one of the top causes of environmental deforestation. Deforestation causes important environmental troubles the most important being the carbon -oxygen stability of the ecosystem. The roots of trees hold on to the soil and prevents soil erosion. Deforestation results in loss of top soil.

The rain pattern is affected due to deforestation and it additionally will increase the air pollution. That is the primary motive why there are calls for tree plantation; it is to make up for this loss.

Harmful Gas From Factories And Auto-Emissions

One of the top reasons that causes pollution in the world is the exhaust gas that is emitted from different factories. Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, lead and carbon monoxide are the main air pollutants that are emitted from such factories. Moreover, variety of chemicals like paints, batteries, gasoline, ceramics, etc. product the highest concentration of lead in the air.

The main culprit amongst these are toxic and acidic washes, diesel-run vehicles and factory emissions. The toxic chemicals in the environment lead to global warming.

Chemical Effluents

Poisonous effluents pose threat to the surroundings. Petroleum industries and chemical production industries create fundamental waste products which are released directly into nearby streams without treatment, increasing river pollution and inflicting harm not only to aquatic life but also human beings and animals who use the water for consuming and bathing.


Every household in recent years have at least one vehicle. This has increased the air pollution. The more cars you have on the roads the more smog is created. This health hazard affects the eyes thereby causing conjunctivitis. Vehicular pollution results in smog and the hydro-carbons that are released from the engines of these vehicles are one of the causes of environmental degradation. This creates a lower level of ozone that is harmful for all the living beings.

Defective Agricultural Policies

With the rapid increase in population there’s a corresponding growth within the demand for food. This has resulted in growth of increase by adding harmful chemical substances to the soil. Land is increasingly getting polluted when sprayed through pesticides like DDT. The soil is exposed to overgrazing, to shifting agriculture, leaving it prone to erosion. This leads to silting in principal rivers and reservoirs. It in the end leads to desertification and degradation of land quality and increased pollution.

Causes of environmental degradation are numerous and controlling them right away is to be practiced worldwide. This should not be the mission of only the government, every human being must take an onus of eliminating the major causes of environmental degradation.

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