Women Empowerment Importance
Awareness And Empowerment

Women Empowerment Importance for Country’s Development

Women, in some societies, are still and by large being discriminated on their gender. They are deprived of getting the same rights as men. And this screams loud and clear that women empowerment importance is highly necessary for any country’s development.

Pay gap in corporate world, domestic and sexual abuse, female foeticide, child marriage, death by dowry, etc. are only a few examples of how far behind, as a society, as far as the development of women’s condition is concerned. Women are still expected to cook, clean, and look after the family. Women are made to stay at home, not allowed to go out, or to study, or to work, even if she is well educated because the male-dominated society thinks it is unreasonable as well as unnecessary.

Why Women Empowerment Importance Should Be Given in Countries

Women, in a lot of countries, are treated to be weaker than men. Women are considered to be a burden on their family which is why they are either killed in the womb or married off at a really young age so that they can start another family. It has been deeply embedded into their heads as well that women should stay in the confines of their home and look after their family. They don’t need an education because they cannot go out and earn a living.

Women Empowerment Importance

It is high time we break these age-old misconceptions and misbehavior that the society has implemented on women even now! We need to realize that women are a crucial part of society and without women, the world will cease to exist. Women empowerment importance is not only for their own self-esteem and life but also for the country’s development.

To empower women is to give them the right to enhance their life, the life of their family as well as society as a whole. Women should be provided with the right to participate in education, religion, society, economy, and politics. A lot of women, who have received the opportunity to prove their caliber have not only made women proud but have also made their respective countries proud.

The empowerment of women should be considered to encourage them to be independent, strong and not be scared or crumble under pressure. Women empowerment importance should be taken seriously so that they can take care of themselves and their family if need be, emotionally as well as financially. Educating women to educate their families is important. Women can work in almost all fields, today. Providing them with an opportunity to learn and earn gives them a sense of independence. They can look after themselves in the face of difficulties.

Women need not depend on men. Oppressing women will only lead them to doubt themselves. Women, even today, often have to deal with crude jokes in the society, in their workplace, where they are not considered a part of that particular environment. They have to deal with the partiality as far payment, appraisals and enhancing skill sets are concerned.

People need to understand that just because they are hiring a woman to work with them they will not be empowered. True empowerment will be when they will be provided with an equal opportunity to prove their mettle in the field of their choice when their opinions are not only heard but also considered.

Women empowerment helps them understand the difference between domestic work and abuse. They know what they shouldn’t tolerate. They know how to identify abuse and confront or report it. With women empowerment, little girls will not have to do household chores while their brothers go to school.

Women also need a life free of domination as well as subjugation. It’s high time we throw away the old school traditions down the drain and give equal opportunities to both men and women. Fair competition between them should be promoted so that they get a chance to fairly prove themselves and learn if they fail.

Their participation in almost all type of jobs should be encouraged, be it at home, school, sports or workplace. We need to create a country so that women can step forward, without any resistance from society and get a chance to justify their potential.

To be honest, women empowerment should not even be a topic to discuss at this age. Women empowerment importance is more necessary today so as to bring a change to the world for giving another human being a chance to live a life full of freedom and rights, for breaking stereotypes and assisting in the greater benefit of the society. It is necessary for the betterment of the country as well as the world as a whole.

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