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The Story Of Bakori

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They called it development! In the name of urbanization, they wounded me. I was crying out loud for help! But, no one heard me then. I am Bakori, a hill near Pune city. Earlier, I was not this green, humans left me barren, standing high but, without trees. All my friends, birds and rain started ghosting me. I was breathing but was dead inside.

Do you know how hurtful it was? One of my friends was injured like me. A few years back, for the sunburn festival, you humans, chopped trees, and harmed him, this impacted me and the environment too. Although few conservationists like Mr. ChandrakantWarghade from ‘MahitiSevaSamiti’ opposed this festival along with villagers but couldn’t stop it happen.

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If they keep on cutting trees for their so-called development, how can you survive? Trees produce oxygen that humans and wildlife breathe. Trees absorb harmful gases, and give fresh air. Do you know there would not be an appropriate rainfall if you keep cutting trees? Also, if you plant trees strategically it can help to reduce noise pollution. Trees give you so much, and what you do? Cut them!



Many people came for plantation, clicked photos, videos, and posted on social media. After this no one came to me and asked “Bakori, are you okay?” no one cared about the planted plants. They died because no one was there to care. I request you people don’t plant or take any initiative for me, just to post on social media and collect likes. Can’t you do this sincerely? Protect me, with all your heart.


After yearning for help, Achingly! My voice was heard by, The Youth Talent Development Society (YTDS). They took an afforestation to another level. When YTDS came to know about my pitiful situation they came for my rescue, they started many campaigns and drives for plantation to save me.

They took the initiative of ‘MahitiSevaSamiti’ to plant 5 lakh trees to a level ahead and started with a plantation drive to #PlantAMillionTrees. The countless efforts of YTDS, by gathering people and educating them on the importance of plantation and afforestation paid off. Many people now come and plant trees in the memories of their beloved ones.


One of the YTDS’ achievements is a promise made by Mr. Deepak Sharma, a contributor in conservation of mother earth, he collaborated with YTDS and started a mission to plant 200 trees and dedicated them to his father, Mr. Pramod Kumar Sharma. The first stage was completed successfully!

This is just a start, the hard work of YTDS is buzzing in other countries too, a generous and nature lover lady named Jennifer Kaestelfrom Munich, Germany,sheis also amazed to see how YTDS is contributing to save environment and hence, she too came forward to plant 10 trees with YTDS. I am so happy for me now.

The plantation drives, encouraging youth to protect the environment, revived me. YTDS gifted a life, full of greenery, my land is blooming and budding again. I am thankful to YTDS for bringing me to life.

I am healing, only because of YTDS and such wonderful people who are adding values to lives. Bakori is grateful to you, thank you!


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