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What YTDS Is Giving To The Society?

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COVID-19 continues to cost lives all over the globe and the fight against hunger and education is getting tougher as days pass.

It was back in 2008 when we started our journey to address the challenges of our society. Our mission is like an oath, we want to create a generation that is powerful, aware, educated, employed; ready to eliminate the long standing problems in our society and bring the change we all wish to witness. Our most of the work focuses upon Environment Preservation, Education and Social Welfare.

It is very upsetting truth that due to COVID-19 lockdown, Ten million girls in India could drop out of secondary school due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Right to Education Forum policy) And if this is persistent, it will tamper the future of our nation.


Each One Teach One (EOTO) To Support Students Resume Their Education

It was heart wrenching to see how students are dropping from the school. The primary reason for this is inability to access the distance learning methods, which requires gadgets-mobile,laptops, computer and an internet connectivity.

To aid this we launched our new project ‘Each One Teach One’ that is meant to bridge the gaps of the society. We strive to enhance the quality of education by providing financial assistance to the students of underprivileged class.

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, many students have dropped their studies, because education went digital and due to financial crisis, they cannot afford the learning gadgets.

In such circumstances we are aiding them with:

  • Study Kits
  • Learning Gadgets
  • Tuition or you can help them by becoming a tutor 
  • School Fees
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education

We appealed people to come forward and help us to support the underprivileged students, and many kindhearted and responsible citizens did their contributions and helped students to resume their education.

We are very grateful to all the people who came forward and supported us in our mission. We haven’t stopped here yet, we are still continuing our work to social welfare.

Education is certainly the important thing in life but not bigger than #Hunger

Together With Zomato Feeding India, We Distributed Ration Kits To GKBM School Hoskote, Bengaluru

Distribution Of Ration Kits - ytds
Distribution Of Ration Kits

This New year 2021 has brought us a humongous happiness, the start of this year was a total wondrous! together with @Zomato Feeding India, YTDS is on the mission of #ZeroHunger.

We are have distributed nearly 1000 ration kits to the needy and underprivileged students of GKBM school. Our good deed was also captured by Mr.Prabhudeva, reporter of  ‘Vijaya Karnataka daily’ a Kannada newspaper.

The happiness we saw on the children’s face was heart melting and that was a proud moment for all YTDSians.

We understand COVID-19 is still there and hence we took utmost precautions while distributing the kits with Proper sanitizations, masks on and temperature check. We have not kept any loophole in everyone’s safety. 

Friends, this is just the beginning, YTDS is all set on its mission to spread happiness and want more people to join our army.

We Have Transformed The Barren Land Of Bakori Hill To Green

Bakori Hill Transformation - ytds
Bakori Hill Transformation

The days, when on the land of Bakori Hill at Pune, there were no birds chirping, no life budding, no greenery, we have transformed this hill completely.

We conducted plantation awareness drives and initiated a campaign #PlantAMillionTrees where we invited dignitaries to plant saplings so that many will get motivated by their acts. And yes it happened! Many youth started enquiring about, how they can help to balance ecosystem, how they can plant trees.

Till date we have not only planted more than 21,000 trees but also 99% of them are growing healthy and green.

Now, there is no stopping for us. We will continue to improve our society and address the social problems of the society.

YTDS could achieve this because of passionate environmentalist and kindhearted and responsible citizens, who are participating in each and every activities of YTDS. We are thankful to each and everyone associated with YTDS.

And we are confident, together with our constant efforts we will make a visible difference in the society.

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