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What are the Worst Causes of Water Pollution?


Water is an integral part of not only human beings, but all the other living beings’ survival. However, there are a lot of worst causes of water pollution that contaminate the water that we consume for numerous purposes, like drinking or washing dishes. We drink water to quench our thirst but the water is contaminated, it has toxic chemicals that make it dangerous for our health.

To get rid of the polluted water, we need to first understand the worst causes of water pollution that make something as important as water, a threat to our lives. Water pollution takes place when huge water bodies like oceans, lakes, groundwater, and rivers are contaminated with bacteria and harmful chemicals. The reason behind this contamination is the waste products that are directly thrown in the water.

Worst Causes of Water Pollution

Fast Urban Development

In the past few years we have seen an increase in people moving on to settle down in towns and cities. This made them build roads, houses and big factories. Owing to this fact, there came physical disturbance on land and soon after factories began dumping their chemical wastes in water bodies.

However, ordinary people were also one of the worst causes of water pollution since they began dumping chemicals and heavy detergents in their toilets and drains, which led the pollution to enter the water through highway runoff.

Incorrect Sewage Disposal

The disposal of waste from sewage in the water bodies has become one of the worst causes of water pollution. The improper disposal has led to various water related diseases that is life threatening for human beings as well as animals.

This problem also doesn’t end easily because as soon as you flush your toilet, the waste goes somewhere and even if it lands to the sewage treatment centre, there’s still waste that is to be disposed, which is again, ultimately, dumped into oceans.

Dumping Chemical Wastes

Detergents aren’t the only chemicals dumped in water. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) is a highly toxic substance that is found to be discharged in the environment. Also, different toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury is found to contaminate the water making it one of the worst causes of water pollution. Moreover, a new chemical Tributyltin (TBT) was found in the affected water bodies.

Radioactive Waste Discharge

When the radioactive waste is present in high rate it can cause alarm within public. It causes severe illnesses such as cancer which can be cause untimely death of a person. This waste is present in water.

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Oil Spill

As per studies, 12% of oil that contaminates oceans is due to tanker accidents and 70% of oil spills happen due to people pouring oil on land and routine shipping. But, tanker oil is harmful since it releases large amount of oil at once.

Throwing Plastic in Ocean

Plastic is one of the most common item that is easily washed away by the ocean waves. Plastics are used so much these days that they are present in various manufactured objects since it is lightweight and protects the product from direct harm. But since it is non-biodegradable, it can affects the marine life for a really long time making it one of the worst causes of water pollution.

Alien Species in Marine Environment

One of the worst causes of water pollution can be the invasive or alien species that are introduced in the environment. Since they are not in their natural environment, they can run wildly and attack the environment for their prey or habitat.

Other Forms of Pollution

Thermal pollution is one form of pollution that comes from power plants and causes issues in the surrounding water bodies. Moreover, the disruption of chemicals and toxic fine grained powders that move from rivers to seas must also be considered.

During construction the soil, rock and fine powders that enter the rivers in huge quantities make the water muddy and silted. Additional sediments can block the gills of fishes and suffocate them.

These are some of the worst causes of water pollution which can be controlled if people be more responsible and the government takes proper initiatives for the same.

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