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What Are The Causes Of Deforestation


We all know the time when we used to worship plants and trees but now we only cut them down brutally contributing to deforestation. What are the causes of deforestation? The very forests that we used to cherish are vanishing day by day just so that our selfish needs are fulfilled resulting in deforestation.

Forest wood has been and continues to be an essential need for multiple uses in our daily life. Trees help us give shelter to organisms and maintain the water cycle. Have you ever thought of the outcome if deforestation continues at the same pace? Living beings other than humans will lose their habitat. Human beings will suffer due to unhealthy air and environment since the carbon emissions will be in abundance.

Human beings are destructing natural forests for using the land to build houses, cultivation, logging, factories, cattle grazing, mining, oil extraction, dam construction, etc.

The extinction of the forest cover influences the biodiversity which thus undermines individuals’ lives. Contracting of the forests cause wide-arriving at issues like soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, water cycle disruption, greenhouse gas emissions, changes in the climatic conditions, and loss of biodiversity.

The Causes of Deforestation

what are the causes of deforestation


Unlawful logging activities are exceptionally regular that wreck the employments of the individuals relying upon forests. Wood-based ventures like paper, coordinate sticks, furniture need a significant measure of wood supply. Wood is utilized as fuel most usually thus a huge number of trees are chopped down for fuel supplies. Firewood and charcoal are utilized as fuel.

Agricultural Activities

The transformation of forests into agricultural land is an integral explanation behind deforestation. Due to congesting interest for nourishment items, numerous trees are slashed down for harvests and steers brushing. Over 40% of the forests are cleared to get land and address the issues of horticulture and wood.


Oil and mining of coal require a lot of forest land. Construction of streets prompts deforestation as they give the best approach to a remote land. The waste that turns out from mining pollutes the environment and influences the close by species.


As the population develops, the requirements of individuals expand which further prompts deforestation. Forests therapist, as it were, to meet the prerequisites like for construction of streets, the advancement of houses, mineral exploitation and expansion of enterprises. Expanding population legitimately influences forest similarly as with the expansion of urban communities there is a requirement for more land for lodging and settlements.

Timber Production

One of the primary reason for deforestation is the production of timber. There is a great deal of interest for timber thus deforestation increments. It a wellspring of crude material which is utilized for the production of paper and furthermore for construction.

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Forest Fires

We lose an enormous number of trees every year because of fires in the forest in different bits around the world. This occurs because of extraordinary summers and winters. The flame caused, by man or nature, brings about immense loss of forest cover.

What are the causes of deforestation has been explained above. Below let us see a few solutions to it.

Forest Fires

Solutions To Deforestation

Many accept that to counter deforestation, individuals essentially need to plant more trees. Although a huge replanting exertion would mitigate the issues deforestation caused, it would not tackle them all.

Trees assume an essential job in ensuring our environment in a few different ways so we ought to secure the forest:

  • The most ideal approach to stop deforestation is replanting.
  • Ban on cutting of trees and new trees and planting more.
  • There ought to be an execution of regulations of laws at organizational and administrative levels because of the extent of deforestation.
  • Spread the mindfulness about sensitization and arrange educative crusades about the impacts of deforestation.

Reforestation won’t fix the harm, however. Forests can’t sequester the majority of the carbon dioxide humans are radiating to the atmosphere through the consuming of non-renewable energy sources and a decrease in non-renewable energy source emissions. It is as yet important to stay away from development in the atmosphere.

Notwithstanding reforestation, some different strategies are being taken to neutralize or slow deforestation. Some of them incorporate moving the human population to a plant-based eating regimen. This would bring down the requirement for land to be cleared for raising livestock and you wouldn’t ask the question, what are the causes of deforestation, again.

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