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The essence of development is a strong infrastructure. Likewise, Youth Talent Development Society (YTDS) is here to cater the need for the strong society.  YTDS has been an active contributor to society through varies campaigns and programs. In that we have imparted free self-defense training for women, cataract surgeries for poor, flood relief, plantation drives and many more. Our vision to empower the youth and all those who seek help for making a GREENER and better world.

Since last year we have been part of a campaign called Plant a Million Trees. So far we have successfully planted 20,000 trees and counting. We not only plant trees but also ensure its survival by encouraging the society to adopt the trees. Proper irrigation tools and techniques are arranged for to ensure the survival of every sapling we plant. The aim here is to create awareness about depleting environmental conditions in society. The contribution of society is crucial to ensure a greener future. We have been working alongwithy many other NGO and social groups to create a better environment. Last year we collaborated with Running Punters (a runners group) which donated a tree for every Kilometer run by them in an event.

Our latest initiative involves contribution from young minds. We have started a program where we collaborate with school s to maintain a plant nursery. The students from class 8th and above are taught to run a nursery in the school premises. These saplings when ready, would be planted in and around Pune. The schools are provided with all the necessary equipments, materials and expertise required to do so. The program aims at inculcating environment awareness amongst students at such a tender age.

We have approached varies schools locally to run the initiative. It is said that “A Rupee earned is far more precious than five found”. Well, it’s what we are trying to educate the children. When they will learn to grow trees, they will understand the time and efforts it takes for a tree grow. They will think twice before wasting paper, food or fruits. It would be the hard work students that would reap fruits. They will be taught to make seed balls and grow sapling. As they will progress their knowledge would deepen regarding maintaining a nursery. They would learn practically what is taught in the books. The environmental studies and science of growing food. The nursery would even serve as a learning experience for much younger kids who would be the witness to the program.

The process would take almost a year to complete. The only contribution from the schools would be a small segment of the free land and their efforts. In this manner the students would contribute towards nature and society. They’ll take part in social service and would add to their extracurricular activity.

This small step by schools and students would be humongous contribution to the society. The never ending supply for sapling for plantation drives is just an add on. We are not just creating nursery but are maintaining oxygen banks for the future. This would also mean better quality of air in and around schools as well. The energy of students would be better spent on nurseries rather than mobile phones. The small learning at this age may encourage many future scientist in the field of agriculture. When young efforts would nurture the nature, their love and understanding towards the environment would enhance. After all children are our future. This way we would be giving birth to many future environmentalist. The need for fresh air could be understood looking at the rising numbers of lung cancer patients. The air quality index shows poor quality of air in many major Indian Cities. The global warming and rising temperature could also be controlled. Along with the quality of air, in the long this would also cater to the problem of soil erosion and water scarcity. If we are able to create a forest in next few years capable of attracting ample of rainfall. The benefits goes on and on. The most important benefit would be young energies being diverted to a better cause.

The campaign would be undertaken at various schools with the help of principles. We would sign a memorandum of Understanding with the schools to avoid any disputes. The campaign would be completed in following few stages:

1. We would start with a classroom training about the nature and environment in the schools. They would be taught about varies problems faced by our planet. We would encourage them to draw pictures and write essays by way of organizing competition. They would familiarize with the problem of global warming, deforestation, forest fire, wildlife extinction, endangered species and many more. They would also be taught about the major causes behind these few problems. We would encourage them to come up with basic solutions to these problems at the root level. The zeal of being able to curb a disaster would serve as an incentive to solve the problems. Even if 100 students out of 500 are diverted towards healthier habit this would benefit 100 families. The famous saying every drop counts would fit here. The aim is to educate children early before it’s too late to turn back.

2. Eventually when the students are well versed with problem they we would move to our next stage.  Now the children are ready to dirty their hands so we would give them practical exposure. The students would be taught about the various elements of maintaining a nursery. Right from sowing a seed or planting a branch to grow a, not in the classroom or on AV but at ground ZERO. They would have a real-life experience of what’s written in their science books. The children would be taught different techniques used to plant different trees. They would also be making seed balls.  They would grow their saplings themselves under the guidance of our expert. Their safety would be the top priority of our team there. All they would have to do is spare 30 minutes a week. This would serve as a break from books, mobiles and computers for them. A must relaxation for their eyes, mind and body.

3. The task would not finish at sowing. They would be taught about the techniques of growing a healthy plant. The ways to water a plant, the amount of water required by different plants and the effect it causes to soil. They would see their efforts reaping fruits. They would turn a lifeless tree into a living plant. The joy of creating a life is priceless, which they would experience during the course of year. Once the saplings are ready we would plant it at Bakori Hill, Wagholi, Pune, a place allotted to us by forest department. The willing students and school staff could also be physically present for plantation. We would also give away some saplings as and when required to other environmentalists NGOs. In next 10-15 year we would transform barren land into a beautiful forest planted by us. Each and every contribution to cause are admirable.

It’s a long process to grow a plant and growing a forest even takes longer. As the number of participants increases so would our speed. This is a small step for the betterment of not just locality but the world. If our efforts could reduce global warming or air pollutant even by 1%, it’s a task worth living for.

There are some corporate, individuals and even government are working along with us to for the sake of a better future. All we can ask for is more hand to plant more trees. I encourage more and more schools, individuals and institutions to come along with us. All of maybe walking on their own paths, but don’t forget our goal is same. A greener India, A Cleaner India and a Better India. It’s time – GO GREEN BEFORE THE GREEN GOES!!!

If you think you can help us with accomplishing our mission to #PlantAMillionTree, fill in this form to join hands with us:


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