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List Of Current Social Issues In India


India is an ancient nation and as per a few estimates, Indian civilization is around five thousand years old with a long list of current social issues, unfortunate but true. It is, therefore, natural, that its society is also very old and complicated. Throughout its long journey, for as long as history can remember, India has witnessed and acquired numerous waves of immigrants consisting of Aryans, Muslims, etc. these people introduced with themselves their very own ethnic varieties and cultures and contributed to India’s diversity, richness, and power.

Thus, Indian society is a combination of different people, cultures, languages, and beliefs which have come from different parts of the world but is now a part of this country. This richness but the complexity of our country gives our society a unique appearance of very colorful and vibrant culture.

However, these very same complexities bring with itself a complicated nature of social issues. In fact, the list of current social issues in India is so big that we, as a society, need to come together to get rid of them. Many such reasons can be mentioned for India’s social issues but the reality stays the same that we’ve got these issues and only we can solve them.

List of Current Social Issues We Need To Get Rid Of

Current Social Issues

1. Poverty

Poverty is a situation in which a family is not capable of fulfilling its primary needs for survival i.e. food, clothing, and shelter. Poverty is a big problem in India. Since India’s Independence, poverty is a prevalent problem. It is already the twenty-first century and poverty still is a persistent threat within the country. India happens to be a country in which the disparities between the haves and the have-nots are extremely huge. It needs to be taken into consideration that even though the economy has proven some visible signs of progress within the last decades, this progress been choppy across diverse sectors or regions.

2. Illiteracy

Illiteracy is a circumstance which turns into a blot on the improvement of the country. India possesses the largest illiterate population. Illiteracy in India is a hassle which has complicated dimensions attached to it. Illiteracy in India is more or less involved with distinct types of disparities that exist in the country. There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological obstacles which form the literacy rates that exist inside the country. The Indian government though has released several schemes to fight the threat of illiteracy but because of the poor situations of sanitation and costly private education and faulty mid-day meal schemes, illiteracy nevertheless prevails.

3. Child Marriage

India has the second highest number of child marriages. Marriage is considered to be a sacred union among two mature and consenting people who are prepared to accept each other and share duties for an entire life. With respect to this context, child marriages appear to be an unsound institution. Child marriage mars the innocence of early life. The Indian constitution offers for prohibitions towards child marriage via diverse laws and enactments. The primary law that was designed was the Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929 which extended to the entire country besides Jammu and Kashmir. This act defines the ages of an adult man and woman.

4. Starvation

Starvation is a condition characterized by the deficiency in calorie strength consumption and is a serious form of malnutrition which ultimately results in demise if not taken care properly. Since the past few decades, starvation has been consistent across various human cultures apart from India. Starvation can take place in a country due to many reasons like war, famine, the disparities among the wealthy and the poor and so on. Malnutrition situations like kwashiorkor and marasmus can also develop into serious reasons for starvation. Typically, the conditions of kwashiorkor and marasmus stand up while people are taking diets which aren’t wealthy in vitamins. Where India is concerned, it is needless to say that the distribution of the food system is faulty.

5. Child Labour

Child labor usually means the employment of children in any work without or with payment. Child labor isn’t only restricted to India, it happens to be an international phenomenon. As far as India is concerned, the problem is a vicious one as kids in India have historically been supporting parents at their farms and other primitive activities.

Apart from these problems, we witness inequality against women in their own homes, sexual violence, etc. The list of current social issues is a long one and each one needs a solution. We cannot leave anyone causes out of the list of current social issues.

Some of these problems are present today which should have been tackled long back. The exhaustive list of current social issues needs to work upon and only then we can call ourselves a Developed Country.

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