Planting And Saving Trees
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5 Methods On Planting And Saving Trees


Trees produce oxygen, food and provide shelter not only for human beings but also for animals. There are various other reasons for which planting and saving trees will benefit human society and some global issues.

Thick forests are a natural habitat for wild animals destroying which can prove to be life-threatening for them as well as human beings. Moreover, during summer vacations we all plan to go to hilly areas where there are plenty of trees so that we can be in the midst of nature enjoying the lush green scenery. Have you ever thought what would happen if you don’t get shade in the scorching summer heat?

The rate at which trees are being cut and deforestation is taking place, survival of both human beings as well as animals is becoming difficult. Change in climate, weather and air being toxic are some of the major effects of deforestation. We need to do something about planting and saving trees before it becomes any more harmful than what it already is.

To begin with, we need to use effective methods to plant more trees, so as to balance the eco-system and then save them from being destroyed. Planting trees is not enough unless you nurture and save them. Now, the question is how we can do this. We have rounded 5 methods using which you can not only plant trees but also save them from being destroyed.

5 Methods On Planting And Saving Trees

Planting And Saving Trees

Participate In Tree Plantation Campaigns

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to support and participate in conserving the trees and looking after the environment. All you have to do is round up some friends, colleagues, family or community and start your own tree plantation campaign. If you are not good enough in convincing people to join you in the campaign, you can volunteer in one of the many NGOs who work towards planting more trees and nurturing them. You can also plant some trees in your backyard by learning tree plantation techniques in cramped spaces. You can plant small flower plants or fruit trees if you are planting trees in your residential area and water it regularly so that they flourish well. If you have kids make sure you plant trees and keep it somewhere they cannot reach and once the trees are strong enough plant it on clear, open ground.

Use Tree Guards

As we said earlier, when you initially plant trees, their trunks are soft and hence they can be pulled up by people/kids or grazed by animals. To protect them, you can put up tree guards on the ground around the trunks which can helps trees grow and prevent people as well as animals from destroying them. Tree guards can also prevent machines from breaking the plants, say for example, you are mowing the lawns and you take the machine atop the plant by mistake. To avoid this and help plants grow, it is very important that you protect these new, little plants until they are strong enough, by using tree guards. Planting trees isn’t enough, you need to put efforts to help them grow as well.

Donate To NGOs Working For Saving Forests

If you are short on planting space, efforts or time, you can simply donate to NGOs that work for saving forests and planting trees. They work continuously towards preserving the trees, forests and wild life and they need funds for doing this work. There are many non-profits like YTDS dedicated to saving forests across the world, and they are all in need of donations. Find one you trust and consider making a donation.

Reduce The Use Of Papers

Halve your printed paper intake with the aid of setting the default for your printing system to double sided. Scrap paper is also a superb choice to use when you’re printing something unofficial, like university notes and readings. Choose up a whiteboard or blackboard and hold it close! They are accessible for saving paper and no longer necessarily only for school notes. Write to do lists, take down essential records from telephone calls, recipes, etc. better yet, make your very own blackboard with scrap wood and a few blackboard paint! Paper towels are also a useless object that adds to wastefulness and our ‘throwaway lifestyle’. Keep in mind, rather, the use of fabric bought from op shops to wipe up spills.

Know The Laws

Talk about saving the tree, instead of simply letting it get cut down. Get together with different individuals who care about planting and saving trees in your vicinity and make it clear that you object to slicing down healthy trees. even though there’s no law in opposition to cutting down the tree, if enough human beings think trees are essential and need to be blanketed, you might be capable of create change. Even though it’s too late for this specific tree, you’ll set a precedent for subsequent time. Right here are a few things you can do:

  1. Write a letter of objection to your city forester or city council member.
  2. Begin a petition to change policies or shield certain trees. Rally neighbours to get involved in saving the neighbourhood trees.
  3. Get the media involved by means of sending a letter to the editor or contacting a local television station.

Trees are the spine of all ecosystems on which the mankind and different residing and non-living being depend. Trees help in retaining the ecological balance of the earth via emission of Oxygen and absorption of Carbon dioxide.

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