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When the world is stressing about the pandemic, there has been an altogether different impact on the environment and the wildlife. If speaking about COVID-19 being sent by God for human beings, we can’t surely say but feel it is one for the environment and the wildlife. Right after knowing the health threats of the virus, many countries adopted the lockdown measures that stopped humans from going out of their houses.

So, before the COVID-19 breakdown, when it was normal to go out for a walk, normal to visit supermarkets, go out on a vacation, the air was indeed very toxic due to the harmful greenhouse gases being emitted for over the centuries. This also resulted in the earth’s rising temperature, leading to the melting of polar ice caps, and hence rise in sea level.

Looking at the post- COVID-19 lockdown scenarios, people are forced to go through a mandatory simplification in their lives, people commuting to work or anywhere outside is reduced, be by own car, train or flights. Even the industries were shut, further resulting in a huge drop in the pollution levels. Again, since people stopped moving out, so there were no boats, be it for fishing or pleasure, the water bodies cleared up, nonetheless due to lesser human intervention, there is way less litter aiding with lesser clogging of river systems, which is big good news for us. 

Nature Unlocking

The ocean is clearing up; the marine life is thriving. Due to overfishing, before the pandemic, the fish biomass was getting depleted but with the decline in fishing, it is all getting to the ideal. We are getting to hear the good news of endangered turtle species’ mass hatching, so finally, the animals are on their own and can be themselves without human disturbance. 

Animals and birds took over the streets amidst COVID-19, spotted at places where once they would never dare to go, wildlife comes out to play while the humans stay locked. The plants are growing better as the air gets healthier and more habitable for the plantation and vegetation.

Even though there have been many positive impacts on the wildlife and the environment as a whole, but it’s very unfortunate to say that once the human movement starts, people start moving out for work or fun, all the positive effects will gradually disappear, and eventually, we will go back to even more harmful state as compared to what we were at before the pandemic. 

Do we notice a difference in air quality, noise pollution, water quality, and biodiversity due to reduced human activities? If we couldn’t learn from this world-wide situation even after getting so much time in the lockdown, we need to talk!

We salute all our farmers who despite the lockdown are working tirelessly as before and providing us with everything Similarly, we at YTDS haven’t stopped planting and maintaining our plants in Bakori Tekdi in Pune. All thanks to the passionate villagers who align with our dream of converting the barren hills to a jungle which would, in turn, invite all the wildlife which flee due to the human intervention, mainly because we took away their habitat and made our IT Parks, Roads, residential apartments.

Bakori is a village in Haveli Block of the Pune district of Maharashtra. We started “Plant A Million Trees” just a few years back, and it feels so good to know we have planted 26,000 plants and maintaining them as well. We need to come forward as responsible individuals and ensure we retain some of the lifestyle changes which would prove beneficial to the environment. We need to stay even more aware now, since nature has pushed its ‘reset’ button for us, and made it a ‘new start’, so if years from now, we complain of the poor air quality, we know whom to blame on, it’s ‘us’.

Nature has started afresh, now it’s our turn. We need to come up with more renewable sources of energy to work upon, eco-friendlier options be it food, fashion, travel, and what not?! Dalai Lama has rightly said that “It is our collective and personal responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.”

Moreover, when the largest hole above the arctic healed itself, “Earth has no sorrow that earth cannot heal.”- John Muir.

nature unlocking

It was something that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the COVID-19. It’s as if the earth went for a vacation for a change. Like how we take some time out from our daily lives for a vacation to heal our mind and body, and it sure is healing itself. And with this we need to understand that, we don’t need another such virus or crisis to make us understand the importance of mother nature. We need to work on it now, for this Earth we Adore, let’s All Do More!

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