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What is the Role of NGOs in Social Development


The role of NGOs in social development is huge. But first you need to understand that NGOs or non-governmental organizations have played an important role is pushing the sustainable development at a global level. The groups that campaign have played an important role in driving negotiations that are inter-governmental, ranging from regulation of toxic wastes and worldwide ban on land mines along with removing the practice of slavery.

However, NGOs are not putting all their focus and energy only on governmental as well as inter-governmental process. The role of NGOs in social developments has been to fix their sights on powerful organizations that can compete with entire nations as far as influence and resources are concerned, with the retreat of the countries from a number of regulatory activities and public functions.

Role of NGOs

The help of Communications And Information Technology

With the help of communications and information technology, NGOs have aided in focusing the attention on all the environmental and social externalities. A lot of people, governments and popular brands have been pressurised by the activists and NGOs that challenge their labour law, human rights and environmental preservation. Owing to this, the organizations that are not really specialized in producing such situations are feeling the pressure and they are taking every step to avoid facing the activists and NGOs for their wrong-doings.

In response to such pressures many companies and organizations have abandoned their old approach and adopted an approach that works in the favour of their people, environment and the world as a whole.

There are a lot of manifestations with this shift. One of the most visible one is the devotion of the resources and energy by such organizations to social and environmental affairs. With the active role of NGOs in social development such organizations are taking up the responsibility and reporting as well as controlling the impact of their activities on the society.

Moreover, the organizations are not only reporting but a lot of them are striving to design new methods which can integrate sustainable development of the environment and society.

Majority of the credit of creating such a trend clearly goes to the NGOs. But, will the organizations and the government react to NGOs in the future in a better way. Will these organizations take offence on the attacks from such hostile critics? Or will they hope that somewhere down the line they can be partners with the NGOs and work together for CSR activities.

For organizations that are willing to work with the NGOs are identifying the communities that can help portray them in a new light.

With the amount of good work NGOs do, there is a constant search for them in the society by individuals and organizations who want to be a part of an environmental or societal campaign. The role of NGOs in social development of the society is to work and empower the society for nurturing and preserving the environment, creating awareness, etc.

NGOs Assumptions by People

It is often assumed that NGOs are the profit making organizations or are just about charities or simply enjoy a non-profit status that sucks money or profits from the organizations and businesses. It is simpler to define NGOs as an organization that tends to pursue some kind of public interest or good rather than working on commercial or individual interests.

Be that as it may, one trademark these differing associations offer is that their non-profit status implies they are not impeded by constant money related goals. As needs be, they can give themselves to issues which happen across over longer horizons, for example, environmental change, malaria prevention or a global ban on landmines. Public studies uncover that NGOs frequently appreciate a high level of public trust, which can make them a valuable – yet not constantly adequate – intermediary for the worries of society and partners.

The role of NGOs in social development is not limited to just working for the wellness of the environment. It is spread across many aspects such as women empowerment, child education, etc. Moreover, they attract many businesses to work with them for the benefit of the society by either sponsoring a campaign or donating to such NGOs.

The role of NGOs in social development is vast and cannot be contained in words, it is both tangible as well as intangible.

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