protection of natural environment
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Protection Of Natural Environment For Sustainable Development


Protection of natural environment is very crucial today for a sustainable development. The ozone layer depletion, forest degradation or deforestation, industrial pollution, greenhouse gases, etc., result in change in the climate and global warming. This will have a grave impact on the environment and on the health of its residents, animals, trees and human beings.

The need for protection of natural environment and wetlands, biodiversity conservation, prevention of pollution and ecological balance promotion enables a sustainable development.

Quality Of The Overall Environment

In the past two decades that quality of the overall environment has gone down owing to the gap between the intention of the policy rolled out and the actual ground achievement. The major cause of the country’s environmental problems is the huge population and insufficient natural resources. Protection of natural environment throws a fundamental challenge in front of countries that seek to industrialize quickly. To control the environmental problems faced by the country there are various efforts that are being made by the government and the NGOs.

protection of natural environment

Environmental pollution isn’t restricted to only one specific country or a particular part of it. It is stretching and crossing even the state as well as political boundaries negatively impacting the water, land, space and air. After the realization dawned on different forums of regional, national and international organizations, about the degraded threat of the environmental pollution and its impact on the future of the living beings, a battle has begun in legal, scientific and political aspects of the world.

The term global warming is used to explain the unfortunate, gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and atmosphere that has brought in a change in the earth’s climate completely. And although it seems to be a never-ending debate, the scientists have proved that the planet is indeed warming. That global warming is for real. The average temperature of the world has been higher than they have ever been in the last few millenniums and the level of carbon dioxide in the air has crossed all the records.

Climate Change

The climate is changing, gradually. The earth is heating up and there is a huge scientific consensus taking place that is human-induced. With the increase in global warming and the decrease in various species and their shelters, the chances for naturally adapting the ecosystem is diminishing. One more reason to take up protection of natural environment. A lot of experts have agreed that the change in climate can be a big threat facing the planet.

Increase In Temperatures In Different Regions

In the past few years there is an increase in temperatures in different regions and increasing the extremities in the weather patterns. The change in climate due to the rising greenhouse gas concentration has the most potential to harm the ecosystem and the society. Moreover, agriculture, forestry, human health, water resources, natural ecosystems and the costal settlements will now need to adapt to the climate changes of then face the declining functions.

The changing climate patterns, and particularly increased frequency and seriousness of extraordinary occasions, will increase vulnerability to the natural disasters, both slower on set ones, for example, drought and quick beginning debacle, for example, flood and cyclones.

Forest Management

India characterizes forest management as one where the economic needs of nearby networks are not disregarded; rather forests are supported while meeting country’s economic needs and neighbourhood issues through scientific forestry.

Ramsar Convention was developed for calling the international attention on the rate at which the habitats of the wetland were diminishing mainly because of the lack of understanding of their crucial values, functions, services and goods. The governments that have joined this convention are willing to make a commitment for helping to restore the history of the degradation and loss of the wetland. Additionally there are wetlands are international systems that lie across two or more countries’ boundaries or are part of rivers that flows in more than one nation.

Protection of natural environment includes conserving wildlife. Conservation of wildlife includes protecting the endangered animals, their habitats and plants. The major goal is to make sure that nature remains to be around for the coming generations to enjoy and to appreciate the importance of wildlife and wild lands to human beings. A lot of countries have government agencies that are solely dedicated to conserve the wildlife.

The protection of natural environment is in our hands and the way we do it will decide the future of the planet.

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